“Working with George over a 12 month period has taken my leadership performance to a new level. The depth to which he has worked with me and the way he has challenged me has enabled me to fine tune the way I lead the people around me.
For me, coaching only works if the sessions mean you change your actions – George has exceeded expectations as the session content remains at the forefront of my mind on a daily basis. If you want honesty, depth and you aspire to operate at a higher level, then George is your man!”
Duncan Jarrett, Sales Director Aegon UK

“I used Paired Facilitation with George to explore an existing relationship with one of my colleague with whom I have to work closely with. We have worked together a long time and we felt that we has started to take each other for granted and assumptions were starting to creep in so we felt there was room for improvement.
The session was a great opportunity to refresh the relationship and establish where improvements could be made. It was like meeting each other again after not seeing each other for a long time and remembering what you valued in the other person. Since then we feel our communication has got better and we are now meeting briefly once a week to keep each other updated. I can see a lot of value for this type of work not only with existing relationships or with problem relationships but with new relationships that may be critical to a programme or an organisation.”
Tracey Bray, Executive Development Aegon UK Ltd

“Leap possesses that rarest of commodities – the combination of deep psychological expertise with strong commercial acumen”
Adrian Grace, COO Aegon UK