P&O Ferries

“The Leap Partnership has played a significant part in our success story since turning around our business and we continue developing our relationship to excellent effect.”
Helen Deeble, CEO P&O Ferries UK

“The introduction of advanced techniques for developing High Performance Teams has had a very significant impact on our leadership approaches at Board level and has cascaded down throught the senior management team with great effect. Management and leadership behaviours are more effective and more collaborative than at any time in the history of our company. Leap Partnership adopted a great approach and have delivered the goods.”
Andy Reeves, CIO P&O Ferries

“I had worked with Leap as a member of the P&O Ferries Executive Board and I could see the benefits of introducing their skills and techniques to my Tourist Marketing Team. I was looking for a step change in a number of areas that would enable me to improve the overall cost efficiency of my department; a reluctance of some team members to ‘go the extra mile’, improving the income/volume mix, reduce team wasted from uncoordinated activities, enhance the targeting of spend on more appropriate activities, increase the timeliness of deliverables, and fundamentally enable us to hit more budgets. Leap has delivered on all fronts.”
Simon Johnson, Tourist and Sales Marketing Director P&O Ferries

“The process we went through helped me to identify the right candidate from a capability, competency and personal chemistry viewpoint.”
Simon Johnson, Tourist and Sales Marketing Director P&O Ferries

“Leap has helped us recruit several senior Executives at Board Level to good effect.”
Clive Mowatt, HRD P&O Ferries HR Director