“I always looked forward to our sessions together. The Cultural impact of your work on the organisation has been profound”.
Paul Stobart, CEO Sage UK

“Since starting the change process with Leap we’re finally hitting forecasts consistently each month and are on track, despite challenging market conditions, to hit our revenue and profit forecast for 2009”.
Jayne Archbald, Head of Sage HR and Payroll

“Shifting attitude and mindset is extremely challenging, however we have seen that with the right process and commitment from our leaders, it is possible to achieve. The results demonstrated from Leap’s involvement in Direct Sales prove this.”
Jo Ray, Managing Director Small Business Division, Sage UK

“George’s brief at Sage was to coach a number of senior executives in transformational leadership as part of a culture change programme. George also coached me personally. For an HRD – it can be tough to sit on the other side of the table when you spend a good deal of time coaching others for a living, only to be coached by someone else. As a consequence I was pretty sceptical that I could benefit. However the benefit of working with George was that he somehow always managed to ask just the right questions that made me sit up and take notice. He helped me to regain confidence in myself and my abilities. I always looked forward to my meetings – he was tough but in a positive way.”
Karen Geary, HR Director Sage Group

“You don’t just take the money and run – you’re totally ROI driven. I know of 2 occasions when you’ve turned down work because of concerns about this”
Jayne Archbold MD Sage Accountants Division

“You love what you do as your work is a mirror of what is important to you”.
Steve Atwell, General Manager Sage Lower Mid-Market Channel