Deborah Barleggs – Consultant

Deborah is a chartered psychologist specialising in assessment and development. Her expertise is in extracting the critical elements of success and developing role profiles and recruitment processes that deliver sustained excellence. Deborah has a track record of integrating best practice across a range of recruitment disciplines including ability testing, use of innate strengths, personality and work style, fit within the organisational context, motivation and engagement, emotional intelligence and control of stress responses.

Calling upon an appreciation of positive psychology, the science of individual differences and using ‘best in class’ robust research and assessment methodology, Deborah has helped numerous clients define their recruitment offering, improve their recruitment processes and enjoy the resulting savings in money and time.

Deborah is a member of the British Psychological Society & a Principal member of the Association of Business Psychologists, qualified to Level A & Level B Certificates in Occupational Testing and licensed to use a range of psychometrics including MBTI, NEO, Hogan’s HDS, HPI & MVPI, OPQ32, Wave, TalentQ, Firo B and EQi.