Substance & Values

Our reference points include Big 5 consultancy change models, cognitive and behavioural psychology, humanistic psychology (particularly Gestalt), positive psychology, performance models from sports psychology, reversal theory, emotional intelligence, physical intelligence, appreciative inquiry and visual art.

We strongly believe that as emotions are a social process, change is a social process. We therefore put ‘functional relationships’ at the centre of all of our work. We love nothing more than building strong communities of people at work.

We believe that inventiveness and the courage to go into unchartered territories are exciting and fulfilling ways to achieve personal and financial growth. We are drawn to clients who are prepared to ‘have a go’ and to put themselves on the line in the quest for achieving something out of the ordinary.

Our solutions have at their core the building of self-esteem in others. We use evidence based solutions, rigorously evaluate our work and never take our clients for granted. You will find us unassuming, low on ego and quite normal!

We combine substance with simplicity. Our interventions are lean and mean. Our goal is to take you from A to B using the shortest and most cost effective route possible.