We are experienced executive coaches with a pedigree of working with the CEOs and boards of global organisations. Our focus is on developing the skills required to lead highly commercial teams, departments and organisations.

We have over 17 years’ experience of designing and leading bespoke leadership development programmes, often as part of the wider culture change programmes we lead. We are diligent in our design and highly skilled in working with groups.

We also specialise in enabling technical managers and graduates (often found in finance, IT or R&D and referred to as ‘geeks’, ‘cynics’ or ‘old school’) to grow and to create more organisation value.

Central to our approach is;

  1. Combining commerciality with deep and accelerated levels of emotional intelligence.
  2. Our use of the Leap Team Index™ to diagnose the actual impact leaders have on the functionality of their teams.
  3. Using the team to assist the development of the team leader.