Leap Team Index™

leap team index

The AEGON UK Board and all our senior management teams have been successfully using the Leap Team Index™ to pinpoint where and how we can improve our overall team effectiveness. The results have been excellent, we’ve improved team functioning across the entire senior management population in our targeted areas by over 20%. The Index has helped us improve team dynamics, align ourselves strategically and improve commerciality across our senior ranks. These improvements have certainly contributed to a 15 fold growth in our profits, as well as enabling us to successfully launch a series of award winning innovative products.
Adrian Grace CEO AEGON UK

We are proud to introduce The Leap Team Index™ as a fresh and new approach to team development. The LTI is a versatile on-line team diagnostic used by: team leaders to improve team functioning; L&D specialists to develop leadership capability or CEOs, MDs or HRD’s to accelerate culture change.

The Leap Team Index™ was constructed by Leap following 18 years of team development experience at the highest levels in business and professional sport. The LTI was born out of frustration at the paucity of ‘top notch’ team diagnostic tools available to support team leaders in improving their teams’ performance levels. The market is awash with: psychometrics that fail to provide much of the ‘hard’ data required to rapidly shift performance; tools that fall short in terms of precision, agility or practicality; or tools that only accompany the consultants that use them and are therefore only made available to teams at the top who can afford to use them. The LTI has been designed to be used by managers without the reliance on external consulting support and is therefore available to any team in your organisation – not just your top teams.

The index is unique in that it:

  1. Contains the most relevant 50 questions that accurately assess team performance;
  2. Is the 1st and only diagnostic that explicitly measures ‘team commerciality’;
  3. Uses simple business like language;
  4. Helps leaders prioritise the steps to improvement;
  5. Incorporates stakeholder feedback;
  6. Is versatile – so questions can be edited to suit preferences;
  7. Shows improvements in scores when the diagnostic is repeated.

To use the Leap Team Index™ contact info@leappartnership.co.uk
or call The Leap Partnership on 01934 852989