Report Content

report content

The LTI is based on the PROLIFIC Model of team working where teams achieve excellence in 8 measurable outcomes (the PROLIFIC outcomes) only when they achieve excellence in 5 areas of team working (Team Dynamic Inputs). These are:

  1. the ‘Hard’ stuff (Strategic Alignment)
  2. the ‘Soft’ stuff (Ethical Relationships)
  3. commercial thinking and practices (Commercial Processes)
  4. balanced team leadership (Leadership Agility)
  5. team members who individually, are playing to their strengths (Membership Presence)

When teams excel in all 5 areas it is inevitable that it will function extremely well. The Leap Team Index is presented in the form of a pdf report in which:

  1. results are fed back for the 5 Team Dynamic Inputs and the 8 PROLIFIC Team Outcomes comprising the Leap Team Index™ in the form of average team scores, leader scores, range of score and changes in score (if applicable) since the last test;
  2. a traffic light system is used for each item score so that team leaders can see immediately where the team has strengths, areas of development or areas that require urgent attention;
  3. summary scores are also displayed so leaders can see at a glance the distribution of green/amber/red scores across all 5 team dynamic inputs;
  4. narrative comments are collected anonymously and displayed;
  5. there is a prioritisation section for leaders to complete that enables them to home in on the most important elements to tackle together with a ‘next steps’ section that helps them identify how they can take immediate action.