The LTI has been constructed after extensive research into optimal team functioning. A literature review of over 70 books has been conducted and the survey questions that practitioners and commentators believe correlate to team performance were isolated and grouped together. In addition a thorough organisational psychology and management journal review of single studies or meta-analytical reviews comprising over 500 teams and over 5,000 team members has been conducted and the findings added to these groupings. Leap itself has compiled data from over 100 of our own team surveys conducted over the last 10 years. In 2013 Leap conducted research into high and low performing teams across 4 Global organisations in the UK.

The Leap Team Index™ is therefore a highly robust, valid and reliable measure of team performance. Moreover, the LTI is the first and only diagnostic that: explicitly measures ‘team commerciality’; provides individual leadership 360 feedback and augments a clear and direct assessment of team functionality/dysfunction with a strengths-based assessment of team membership skills. The LTI is a fresh and new approach to the domain of team development.