Target Audience

target audience

We have used the Leap Team Index™ to improve the performance of the Commercial Finance Executive team to great effect. The diagnostic helped identify exactly where changes were needed to better integrate several new members into an established team. We are more aligned behind a set of agreed norms and clearly understand what we, as a team, have to do to drive true value out of our time together. This means we are now successfully delivering to a very challenging change agenda whilst we our hit our client service, income and cost targets for the year, all of which required double digit improvement.
Donald Kerr MD Commercial Finance Lloyds Banking Group

Team Leaders

The tool has been designed so that leaders can be empowered to improve their teams’ performances without the necessity of outside help. Where support is required Leap offers telephone coaching, face to face coaching or training programmes for internal coaches.

MDs HRDs or CEOs

The LTI has also been used as part of the armoury to change organisational culture. Culture change is accelerated when teams that most influence the culture are both highly functional and embody the target mind-set, especially at middle management level. Organisations that prioritise the building of these teams are able to drive culture change much faster than those that drive change via groups of leaders or via larger organisational communities. Teams are the most powerful communities that exist in organisations and are therefore ideal targets of change. The LTI is a diagnostic specifically designed to unlock their potential.

L&D Specialists

The LTI is a diagnostic tool that enables team leaders to track the development progress they are making by providing the actual impact they are having on their teams. If you work in L&D, question the degree to which you are actually measuring the impact your leaders are having on the teams they lead. We’re not talking about 360 assessments that collate individuals assessments of discrete leadership behaviours, neither are we talking about psychometric tests on team members that have no obvious correlation to performance nor engagement scores that give some but not a lot of data on the actual ‘mechanics’ of the team. We’re talking about collecting the key data points that inform and educate team leaders on the health of their teams – something you get from the LTI.