Using The LTI

leap team index

We have used the LTI in our Sage European Mid-Market Senior Leadership Team with great effect. The tool enabled us to quickly identify the areas of attention we had to fix to help us lead a very challenging change agenda whilst at the same time help us hit our numbers. The transformation in both our team performance and in our commercial performance since we started using the LTI has been remarkable.
Christophe LeTellier CEO Sage Mid-Market Europe

  1. Once set up you and your team are sent an invitation, with log in details, to complete an on-line confidential test. Completion takes about 15 minutes.
  2. You can choose to invite stakeholders from outside your team to evaluate your team’s performance. In this instance they only complete the 8 ‘output’ questions in the diagnostic.
  3. A pdf report and overview is then generated and sent to you describing the functioning of your team in detail and outlining the steps you can take to improve obvious attention areas. The report can be forwarded to your team to study before you facilitate with them purposeful, targeted and productive team improvement discussions.
  4. If you required extra help you would either receive this from internal support mechanisms or expert Leap team development consultants can support you via telephone coaching support or face to face coaching.

To use the Leap Team Index™ contact or call The Leap Partnership on 01934 852989